芝See菇Bi Family

由卓韻芝及 Peter Ng創作的《芝See菇Bi Family》,當中的苦榮與小苦妹角色,極受歡迎。苦榮15歲,個性衝動、粗魯;而小苦妹則9歲,個性好學和天真,是膾炙人口的卡通人物。其後以相同角色創作廣播劇包括《初戀嗱喳麵》、《五星級的家》、《大鄉里》、《小火花》、《36計》等。同期以苦榮名義推出漫畫書籍及灌錄唱片,推出專欄《苦榮作文》見於香港《Milk》雜誌。伍尚豪(Peter Ng)為香港多元藝術家。

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Squly & Friends

Squly & Friends was founded by Chiilaku Limited in 2013. Despite its short history, this home grown cartoon character has already made an impression on the youngest sector of the Hong Kong market.  In 2014, Squly & Friends was crowned the champion of the Original Character Design Competition organized by Comic World Hong Kong [...]

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Andrea Gatti

Digital Artist Illustrator Graphic Designer

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Pjai was promoted to ad-lib's PR Assistant. He found the rhythm in his internship role, radiating positive energy with a charmingly off-the-cuff attitude.  It all happened very quickly that we suspected Pjai had some sort of enigmatic power that helped him win our hearts and minds. We see a lot of [...]

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On 1st June 2018, Brands United Limited (BU) becomes the official master licensee for Ultraman in Hong Kong and Macau, as authorized by Tsuburaya (Japan). The two companies will work very closely together to not only maximize the brand awareness but also, by sharing the professional business network of each other, will be launching [...]

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“MasterChef” is one of the most successful cookery TV shows in the world and has been adapted locally in 52 countries. Today, the “MasterChef” brand extends across multiple licensed categories including publishing, consumer products, live events, travel, digital and more.

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DC Superhero Girl

DC Super Hero Girls or DC Superhero Girls (in various countries) is an American super hero action figure franchise created by DC Comics and Mattel that launched in the third quarter of 2015.

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HAPPIPLAYGROUND is portrayed surrounded by an eco-friendly oriented family who all has great passion for life and the earth.  Even though everyone from the family has different types of characteristic, they have the same mission for sending messages of positive enery, greenism and joy of life to the world. [...]

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