We Bare Bear 現身海港城LCX

影片連接 : 東網電視 美國人氣卡通 《We Bare Bears》 近年風靡全球,今次海港城 LCX 聯同 We Bare Bears 推出官方期間限定精品士多,同場更設置三個讓粉絲能和主角盡情打卡的影相位:熊茶居、熊和堂及熊邊攤,想同 Grizzly、Panda 和 Ice Bear 一齊影相、一齊體驗香港地道飲食文化,就要記住以下日子了!除此之外,三位主角更會在特別日子在 LCX 快閃,是不是很想快點去 LCX 捕捉熊熊呢? 今次是 We Bare Bears 首次來港設立限定士多,而 LCX 還會推出多款 LCX x We Bare Bears 的限定禮品及特別版 VIP 卡,We [...]

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Kumamon (くまモン) is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It was created in 2010 for a campaign called to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen line opened.

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Justice League

The blockbuster superhero films from Warner Brothers in recent years have all been megahits all over the world. Movie characters in the “Justice League” like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and The Flash from the DC movie universe have become fan favorites.

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Formula E

The Hong Kong E-Prix The 2017 Hong Kong E-Prix will once again be the opening event of the Formula E season. Due to the overwhelming success of the inaugural Hong Kong E-Prix, this year’s event will be expanded to two races, making Hong Kong the first [...]

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